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This gender portfolio introduces many different ideas and concepts from a wide variety of media related items. The items range from romantic movies to vulgar cartoons to male interest. Many gender stereotypes are represented and forced upon the people of a culture through the media and other outlets. Gender stereotypes are often considered created by the media. Males are portrayed as autonomous and emotionally disconnected. Females are portrayed as needy, emotional and dependent.

                All my life I have been aware of the expectations of women and men and how I never quite followed the gender rules set by my family, my friends, and the media. Everywhere I look I notice gender stereotyping and in each item I found the gender stereotypes were prominent in different contexts including work, play, and education. The concepts get moderately repetitive, but it is apparent that everywhere in the world we are approached by the necessity to following the social norms

The reference continually used is the textbook Gamble and Gamble. This book refers to every gender concept imaginable and was the best refernce available. Hope you enjoy the items and the fun links attached!

Gamble, T.K., & Gamble, M.W. (2003). The Gender Communication Connection (A. Forrand, Ed.). New York City, NY: Houghton Mifflin Company.

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Sports Illustrated

Sports Illustrated is a magazine for the male populations in which the topics of the magazine mostly revolve around sports. Every year the magazine comes out with a swim suit edition in which many guys wait all year for the new one to come out. The swim suit edition highlights some of the most beautiful women in sports entertainment. They ladies dress in a swim suit and pose for the camera in seductive and alluring positions. The new 2009 edition of sports illustrated includes Danica Patrick, an indy car driver, and other women like Detroit Pistons dancer Chelsey Buhler.

                In the sports industry men are known for having outstanding physical abilities while the women are known for their outstanding physical appearance. Media representations of sports highlights a distinct different between men in sports and women in sports. The Final Four of the men’s basketball league is only referred to as the Final Four while the Final Four of the women’s basketball league is referred to as the Women’s Final Four. The men are the standard and the women are the exception. Women are commonly valued for their physical attractiveness not their athletic capability or their intellect. Sports Illustrated takes women down a notch every year just to sell copies of a magazine, which is very profitable.

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Made of Honor

Made of Honor is a movie about the stereotypical male that is detached from emotion, has an strong desire for sexual intimacy, is constantly in control of the relationships he has with women, and thoroughly enjoys being independent of women and other people. He has a best friend Hanna that is a hopeless romantic and he calls her a “love slut” because she says I love you to anyone and everyone. When Hanna goes to Sweden for a couple weeks Tom finds himself missing her like crazy and discovers he needs her in his life. She wouldn’t be interested in him because he is quite narcissistic. Tom tries to change his ways and still Hanna from her new fiancé, a Sweden Duke.

                This movie runs through every stereotype of men and women in relationships. The woman wants love and connection, and a man that is open to being emotionally available while the man wants a woman for simply sex. Both Tom and Hanna must fight their inner desires for each other. Tom tries to change from the stereotypical macho man to a man that Hanna would find favorable. Women value the connection aspect of a relationship and Tom did not have any attachment to anything except Hanna.

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Miss Independent

A song written and performed by Ne-Yo is entitled Miss Independent in which the song emphasizes a set standard for the kind of woman that he is interested in. He identifies her as able to pay for herself and of a high power position. He further mentions that his kind of women is able to buy herself nice outfits and take care appearance while still paying all of her bills. His kind of woman wants him, but is not reliant on him to be the provider.

                It is said that men stereotypically want a woman that has less power, is less intelligent, less capable, less successful, and overall no threat to the male’s status. Ne-Yo is describing a woman of a different sort. He is comfortable with a woman being more powerful and able to teach him things. The only stereotypical thing he enjoys is a feminine woman which men commonly look for when looking for a mate. The Third wave of feminism is in progress such that women are able to be themselves and create an identity outside of expectations. It is becoming more acceptable for a woman to want to have a strong career or the woman is equally accepted as a home-maker. Women are now allowed options and opportunities, although men are still expected to work full time and still try to be the provider.

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Family Circus

Family circus is the typical nuclear family, with a mom, a dad, Jeffy, Dolly and PJ. The three kids are known for getting into mischief while teaching the audience simple life lessons. The point of the characters is to stimulate the simple side of the audience in which they are able to understand how easy life should be from a untainted perspective. In the cartoon the mother is almost always portrayed at home and if not at home she is a t the grocery store with the children. The father can be seen at home, at work, or working in the yard. This cartoon shows Jeffy explaining to his mom that Dad won’t play video games with him anymore because he always wins.

                Jeffy is coming to his mother as a last resort because he wants to play his Wii with someone, but his first male pick is not willing so his second pick is his mother. The mother is always shown doing laundry or some stereotypical role of the house wife while the father is the provider for the family. Furthermore this cartoon contends that the male ego is fragile and the father is unwilling to play a game with his son his he is going to continuously lose to a child. The man is fighting to show is superiority in the household yet is being beaten by a child at a simple video game.

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The world of wrestling entertainment is based on having men and women come into the main arena ring and battle one another until the referee calls the match. In the early years of WWF, the world wrestling federation, the matches were simple, yet exciting enough for the audience to be stirred up. The extreme matches were cage matches, ladder matches, and Royal Rumble in which more than two men battled inside the ring until one was left. Nowadays the fights include more women and the show follows a story line with controversy, rivalries, love affairs, and sexuality. The women’s matches are more of an erotic play than actual competitions of strength and some of their matches are fought until one woman is stripped down to only her under garments.

                The world of wrestling is about a hyper masculine community in which the men are able to throw punches when there is a conflict, show their superiority through their strength, hit women when they don’t fall the rules, and take advantage of any woman that is a part of their world. This show gives a highly unrealistic view of the world and an immoral view at that. This show encourages hitting women and showing one’s brute strength. The battle of superiority is a primitive one such that the men beat their chests and drag the women around by their hair. This is not the image that should be shown to young boys and encourages this behavior.

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Mad Men

Mad Men is a television show produced by AMC and is about Madison Avenue advertising men in the 1950’s. The show’s main character is Don Draper, an advertising executive. Don Draper tries to not seem insensitive to women in the work place yet when encountered by women bold, strong women Don acts like the stereotypical male of the 1950’s workplace. With a setting in the 1950’s the characters are faced with strong gendered stereotypes and the show focuses on following common stereotypes within media representations of this time.

            In the workplace chapter the stereotypes for women in the workplace are introduced. Many women are often treated as a mother who is preoccupied with a family to take her career seriously, or women may be treated as a child such that she will never be seen as capable enough for any progression within the company. The common gender stereotype shown in the television show is the woman as a sex-object. In the show women are expected to act like a sex-object such that when the new girl, Peggy, starts a vivacious red head leads her around telling her to wear scarves because guys like when girls wear scarves. Other advice was to flirt and for her to make herself sexually available for the men of the company and to wear skirts that show off her legs more. The men in the show expect the women to act as sex-objects such that they feel that they are entitled to that woman if she works with them. A problem with the sex-object stereotype is that women are not taken seriously as co-workers, but are seen as only working in order to meet a man so that they won’t have to work.

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Grey’s Anatomy: Relationships

In Grey’s Anatomy everyone seems to be in a relationship. The relationship between Derrick and Meredith is on again off again because Meredith has commitment problems. In contrast the relationship between Izzie and Alex is also on again off again because Alex has problems with opening up about his feelings. The relationships with Christina range from a cardiac surgeon to an ex military on the battle field surgeon. She was the detached one in the relationship with the cardiac surgeon because he wanted to marry her and she was more driven in her career and did not want to think about a relationship. The relationship with the military man followed slightly differently because she was already becoming an established surgeon and he did not mention marriage or force her to do things against her will.

                In most of these relationships the man is typically the pursuer while the woman plays games. The men are the dominant ones in the relationship such that the men want the women to act beyond what is typical for them and when the men are asked to do so they typically refuse. The women are always looking for a specific connection with the guys while the men enjoy the women but also are not unhappy when apart. The men always date down in success, while the women tend to date up such that the female interns are dating the doctors while the male interns are trying to pursue the other interns, and the male doctors pursue the female interns.

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Boys and Girls

In middle school my classes were separated so that math and science were with one teacher while social studies and English were with another. The teachers worked in teams of two such that the kids always had the same two teachers throughout the year. In the middle of the year my trachers had an idea to separate the classes into boys and girl such that boys were all in one class while girls were in the other. My teachers had found research that the single sex classrooms helped improve students’ grades.

                When the girls were all together we would sometimes sit in a circle and talk about how we were feeling and the teachers felt comfortable to cry in front of us. The teachers were very intelligent and encouraged further learning, but at the end of the day we were encouraged to be knowledgeable and open with our feelings. This learning style of girls and boys helped improve our grades and everyone was happy with the outcome. The only problem was that I know the boys were not being treated the same. I had two very intelligent teachers that never wasted the boys’ time with emotions and feel good sessions. This goes to show that in the education system girls are treated differently than boys. The girls talk about hair and clothes while the boys focus on school work and activities. So why can boys and girls not both be encouraged to be well rounded? And is it the education systems responsibility to make all children well rounded?

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Grey’s Anatomy: Cross sex Friendships

Most of the men and women have bonded over the fact that they all are trying to make it as interns and become doctors. The road is long and hard for them all so they form a special bond with one another that transcends the gender barrier. However, George and Izzie build a friendship beyond what the others have built with each other. They become best friends and George likes her, but knows he has no chance with her. George ends up marrying another doctor while continuing is friendship with Izzie. While George is married, Izzie comes to the realization that she loves George. George’s wife becomes suspicious of the friendship, and rightfully so. Izzie and George end up having an affair and George ends up getting a divorce.

                Cross sex friendships are meant to provide the woman an increase of fun activities while providing the man someone to talk to. George never had a problem talking to Izzie or any other girl about his problems. Izzie typically doesn’t spend more time with George and so she does not technically get more of a release through fun. Cross sex friendships tend to be characterized by the man talking more than the woman which is true of George. He is always talking to the girls about his problems. Izzie typically holds the dominant role in the friendship, probably because George has so many feminine qualities. Often times with cross sex friendships, it is assumed that something romantic is occurring which held true for George and Izzie.

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