Britney Spears as a Mom

May 7, 2009 sfoshee

This magazine cover on People Magazine focuses on Britney Spears as a mother. People magazine is known for having the “inside scoop” on celebrities and their lives. This particular issue is focuses on another side of Britney Spears that not many people understand. Britney Spears is known as a sex-symbol, but this side of her is that she is a mother. Britney Spears has been an icon since her early days on the Disney channel. She first appeared as a sweet, young child that seemed ignorantly blissful about the world. The Disney image of many girls is that they are untainted by the world and still have a lot of learning to do. Disney is one of the major corporations running the media of the United States.

 For Britney Spears, being a part of the media is her job. Women are often stereotyped in the work place as a mother, a child, or a sex-object. Early in Britney’s career she was represented as the child that would never be able to be a normal part of the world because the world was too big and too mean, it would corrupt her. Never the less Britney Spears was watched closely as she grew up in the big crazy world of Hollywood. As she grew up the world saw Britney Spears begin to learn things about who she was and who she was supposed to be. Britney learned that using her sexuality increases her popularity, however she did not realize a lack of respect in the work place came along with it. Britney grew up trying to be what she was supposed to be, and trying to gain her independence like most young adults. Britney grew up in her line of work and in the work place she may have gone beyond the role of child, but immediately became the sex-object. Women have to fight to be taken seriously in the work place, but Britney Spears was not able to maintain her popularity and be treated with respect.

This particular magazine cover approaches the final stereotype women take on in the work place. Britney became a mother of two sons and her career began to dwindle. As a mother many would believe that she would finally earn some respect, but now people feel that her career is over and she can’t maintain a family and be a pop icon. Britney Spears has never been respected in her line of work, but to be respected a woman has to fight and risk the chance of people not liking that she is more than a sex-object or mother, she is a capable woman that is living a life like everyone else.


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