Fruit of the Loom

May 7, 2009 sfoshee

The packaging for men’s underwear is slightly different than the packaging of women’s underwear in that the men are often seen without a head. Sometimes the men are even cutoff right at the neck. Women’s underwear always shows a woman’s smiling face and would never dare cutoff the models head. The fruit of the loom models for men’s underwear shows only the torso of the model and the underwear being advertised, nothing else. Further depictions of men include joke greeting cards and e-cards that show a muscular man’s body barely clothed, yet the picture does not show his face.

                So why are men allowed to be objectified like that and women aren’t. I think the problem is that women have fought long and hard to be seen as capable and equals. The third movement of feminism identifies that a woman should be respected as an individual. Men have never had a movement t be treated with respect because they did not have a problem with it until women began to be a demographic for advertising. Men in the media are often shown as desirable not because of their intellect anymore, but because of their bodies. Although the depiction of men as sex objects has declined, it still is often being used to sell toward women. If men aren’t allowed to objectify women, then women shouldn’t be allowed to objectify men.

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