Google: “women”

May 7, 2009 sfoshee

Google is a search engine known to be very useful to all demographics. This webpage in particular is the result of a search for the general topic “women”, in which the topics vary. Some are about beauty, fashion, health, and even one about “how women work.” Along with those website suggestions, there is a suggestion for a website about women mathematicians and NOW the National Organization for Women. Further suggestions on the page include search engine suggestions like women’s dresses, women’s fashion, pretty women, and women’s suffrage.

                The concept most closely related to this website is feminism. Feminism started long before the declaration of Independence in the United States, but is even identified just before the signing of the Declaration of Independence when John Adam’s wife, Abigail Adams, reminded her husband to “remember the ladies” when considering how the country should be established. Unfortunately, when the constitution was signed women were considered the property of their husbands. Women in the United States originally fought to not be property anymore and thus women’s suffrage began. The web site mentions women’s suffrage as a possible search, but the rest of the suggestions are based on gender expectations. After the First wave, the second wave of feminism argued that men set the standard for women and how women should act. According to the looks from this search engine results it seems that the standard for women has not changed very much from the early times. Women are still being requested for beauty and other aesthetic reasons.

                Furthermore, the statement of a single group of women’s success beyond their beauty is revealed when searching “women.” I feel as though all the struggles that women have gone through that there should be more about business success or examples of strong, dominant women. The struggle for women has been going on long before the United States, yet all that seems to show up related to women is in accordance with their attractive nature.


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