Grey’s Anatomy: Part 1

May 7, 2009 sfoshee

Grey’s Anatomy is a show based on a bunch of young interns trying to make past the intern phase of the medical career and become doctors. Each character has a specific identity that is shown throughout the show. Grey’s Anatomy seems to embrace the fact that women are allowed to be individuals. The main character Meredith Grey is originally a hyper sexualized woman that has many one night stands. The mistake she makes the day before her first day as an intern, is sleeping with her boss that she met in a bar just the night before. Meredith has many slight psychological problems such as an overuse of defense mechanisms and a fear of commitment. The next character is Meredith’s new best friend, Christina. Christina is the power hungry, dominant female. She bosses around even her bosses sometimes, and is often seen as more than androgynous and borderline masculine. She fights to get to be the best like a man would. The last main female character is Izzie Stevens. Izzie is the retired beauty pageant girl turned doctor. She is feminine and emotional, sometimes overly emotionally involved with patients. All three of these women have distinct personalities that are very different from each other yet they all are friends.

                The friendship between the ladies of Grey’s anatomy is based on great communication and connectedness like women are known for within female to female friendships. The women are constantly talking about what is going on and how they are feeling about each situation. The friendships follow the typical female to female friendships such that the relationships are based on trust and loyalty. If a woman even suspects another woman of being disloyal there is a huge confrontation among the characters. The interactions with the women are often face to face such that the women can fully experience the connection of the friendship. Lastly, the friendships are based on breadth and depth such that they have a variety of topics they can talk about while being willing to divulge personal information.

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