Hardees Commercial

May 7, 2009 sfoshee

Hardees is known for having massive menu items like half pound and two-thirds pound burgers.  The small sizes at Hardees seem to be the size of mediums at other fast-food restaurants. Hardees is known for trying to attract the male audience, while still trying to encourage the female audience to also desire Hardees. This commercial shows what a man would think of when going to get a Thickburger from Hardees and a woman would get the new Little Thickburger because it is better suited for women.

                This Hardees commercial is directed toward the empowerment of men and works against the progression of feminism. Furthermore, this commercial shows sexism at an extreme. The first problem with this commercial is that it highlights the sex and sex differences of men and women. It highlights the gender stereotypes of men and women. Men are expected to eat a lot and not worry about what they eat and how much of it they eat. It is a primal instinct to eat like a horse and not consider the perception that others have of you. Men are strong and need food to grow big and strong, but women need to eat too. This commercial follows gender stereotypes that women are supposed to be dainty and classy. Women are expected to take small bites and be full after a minimal amount of food. I love eating at Hardees and I do not always get the Little Thickburger. Often times I get a burger bigger than the guy that is accompanying me. So is it wrong that I am willing to eat what I want. This commercial promotes men to expect women to eat as stereotyped and therefore men sometimes expect a woman to not eat very much. Women are criticized for eating while men are encouraged to. That is probably one reason why women have more eating disorders.


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