Six Marbles

May 7, 2009 sfoshee

This cartoon is moderately vulgar. The cartoon shows a boy and girl in what seems to be a competition of power. The boy says he has six marbles and the girl says she has seven. The boy says he has eight pennies and the girl says she has a dime. The competition continues as the boy pulls down is pants and flaunts is boyhood and saying to the girl that she doesn’t have that. The girl looks slightly concerned and says no, but I have one of these, as she lifts up her skirt showing her girlhood to the boy. The girl continues to say, “With one of these I can have as many of those as I want.”

                The argument is between young children which is why I find this cartoon to be quite obscene, however it makes an argument toward gender perceptions. The competition between men and women is characterized by these two young children such that the fight between who has more power and advantages comes down to basic biology. Men and women have been fighting over who has the power and who should have the power for hundreds of years, but due to the feminist movement in the United States men have felt more of a need to compete against women to prove their superiority. Although the girl (representation of women) wins the argument in the end, the battle is won by the woman’s ability to control a man through seduction. Women are not given the proper opportunity to simply be superior because of their abilities, but because of their biology and the desire of men to want a woman for sex, while a woman is not supposed to want a man for sex. The man is supposed to be the pursuer while the woman is to be pursued.


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