Sprite Commercial

May 7, 2009 sfoshee

This is a commercial for Sprite. The commercial begins by showing a bunch of guys hanging out at the basketball court. None of them are particularly socializing with one another because it is so hot outside. The guys begins to drink Sprite and by some unknown powers the basketball court has become like a swimming pool and the guys, one after another begin jumping in the basketball court pool. The refreshing and fun activity causes a bond to occur and the men begin throwing each other in and throwing high fives around. They came out to the basketball court to hang out with one another, but it was too hot. Thanks to Sprite the guys were able to have their bonding time and really display masculine friendships with each other.

                The commercial encompasses every aspect of the stereotypical male friendship. It is understood that men build their friendships over shared experiences and all of the men are experiencing the extreme heat and are able to bond over the experience of finding refreshment. Another aspect of this commercial is that the men never say anything to one another throughout the entire commercial. Male to male friendships are often not centered around conversation, but on what is being done when together. The next stereotype is exactly that, male friendships are often characterized by the variety of activities like swimming and basketball, not the depth of the activity such that there is no really involvement in the other’s life.

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