Sprite Zero Commercial

May 7, 2009 sfoshee

This commercial shows a beautiful young woman on the beach with a man. She goes into the water and the man follows her. She walks around in the water getting until the water is above her torso with the man following right behind her. She is giving all of the typical nonverbal cues of interest to the man like eye intense eye contact. She begins to take off her bathing suit bottom and throws it at the guy. The man is intrigued and seems to believe something of a sexual nature will occur. To show interest the guy mimics the girl’s behavior by removing his bathing suit bottom and tossing it at the girl. The woman begins walking back to shore with the guy’s bathing suit bottoms on and drinks the Sprite Zero that was left on shore while the man is still standing in the water without clothes.

                The commercial gives the false assumption that the women has the power, however, like in most media representations of women, the woman gets power over the man by using her sexuality to lure him into a trap. Furthermore, this commercial is for a diet drink made with artificial sweeteners that are shown to be carcinogens. That woman tricked the man so that she could have the Sprite Zero instead of him. The commercial give the false impression of a strong minded woman giving after what she wants no matter the cost, but society does not consider a woman drinking a diet drink to be an indulgence of desires. Women are expected to drink diet drinks so that they may maintain their feminine figure and flaunt it to get more things they want from men.


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