Tampon Cartoon

May 7, 2009 sfoshee

The picture shows two female hygiene products that have been personified with faces. The two tampons appear to be experiencing a conflict such that one looks angry at the other, and the other appears intimidated by the first. The caption beside the depiction says, “If men had periods… they would brag about the size of their tampons.”

                Men are known for their competition with each other and are supposed to be on the endless quest to prove superiority over everyone. Women on the other hand are supposed to act humble and reserved. Some why wouldn’t a woman brag about her tampon size? Because women do not find a competition to be necessary over everything such that women do not have to prove superiority since they are not superior to men anyway is the assumption. Furthermore, a woman is supposed to be discrete about personal information and only tell her closest of friends.

                Men are also characterized by their activities and accomplishments where as women are characterized by their appearance and relationships with others. The man has to take every advantage he can get to gain another accomplishment that sets him as a superior. The comparison of tampon size would be an extremely primitive activity in that men more often can prove superiority these days through academic accomplishments, career accomplishments, or even sports accomplishments. When a woman makes a stride within either of these categories she is congratulated, but rarely seen as a threat. If both men and women had periods, men would only flaunt their tampon size to other men, unless a woman tried to say her tampon was bigger and then the man would feel a need to show her he is still superior to her because she is a woman.

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