Ugly Betty

May 7, 2009 sfoshee

The television show Ugly Betty is based on a young woman trying to make it in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is run by men and beautiful women and Betty is neither. Betty is a girl from a Mexican family and has grown up to be a smart and independent thinker. The show follows Betty as she tries to contend in the world of the beautiful and thin people. Betty has braces, an eccentric style, and frizzy hair. The world of fashion laughed when she entered the doors, but Betty is set on proving to everyone that she can be in the world of fashion without being stereotypically beautiful.

                Betty makes a fight for how woman should be able to be individuals and are allowed to have a brilliant mind. Furthermore she wants to go beyond the stereotype of women cannot be successful and that men only see them as a mother, child, or sex-object. Betty has never run into the problem of being seen as a sex-object in the workplace, nor has she dealt with any sexual harassment. This show represents Betty as an ugly woman that is trying to step beyond her boundaries because her appearance is not good enough.

                My only problem with this show is that it identifies Betty as ugly right in the title. A woman should not be categorized as ugly simply because she does not look like a celebrity or fashion model. The show seems to encourage women to not be discouraged if they are not beautiful, but they must fight to show the world that even though they are “ugly” they still are capable. Appearance doesn’t make a person anything other than attractive or not. Psychological studies and performance tasks have shown no correlation that people that are not perceived as attractive as also not intelligent or not skilled. Furthermore, the show basically says a woman can either be smart or pretty or be the head of a company while being a back-stabbing bitch. The representation of women is saddening within the television show.

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