Waiting… On the Perfect Man

May 7, 2009 sfoshee

This is a picture of a corpse of a woman and the caption beside it says “Waiting… for the perfect man.” The woman has obviously been sitting on that bench waiting for the perfect man for quite a while. The woman has cob webs and has since become a corpse meaning that she waited her whole life to find the perfect man and was unsuccessful waiting on that bench.

                Here is another depiction of a woman not being assertive. A woman, before feminism, was expected to not be assertive and not be the pursuer in a relationship. Yet women were also expected to be stay at home wives and mothers. If a woman could not get a man she was seen as a failure. Men are expected to want autonomy while women want connectedness. It is just what is expected of women within a relationship. A proper woman does not flaunt herself to get a man nor pursues a man that she likes. Women have always been expected to stand aside and let the man take charge. This cartoon is an example of exactly that. The woman waited on that bench until she died and no man ever came and swept her off her feet.

                The Disney movies that young girls group up with show a handsome prince that will save the woman from her drab or dangerous life. He will be her provider, her protector, and her lover. As androgyny becomes more popular in the United States women are taking on the role of the provider and men are becoming more comfortable with the fact that women sometimes are more career successful than they are. As the outlook on relationships change the gender roles and expectations change as well, and the roles will become less defined by gender.


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