Boys and Girls

May 8, 2009 sfoshee

In middle school my classes were separated so that math and science were with one teacher while social studies and English were with another. The teachers worked in teams of two such that the kids always had the same two teachers throughout the year. In the middle of the year my trachers had an idea to separate the classes into boys and girl such that boys were all in one class while girls were in the other. My teachers had found research that the single sex classrooms helped improve students’ grades.

                When the girls were all together we would sometimes sit in a circle and talk about how we were feeling and the teachers felt comfortable to cry in front of us. The teachers were very intelligent and encouraged further learning, but at the end of the day we were encouraged to be knowledgeable and open with our feelings. This learning style of girls and boys helped improve our grades and everyone was happy with the outcome. The only problem was that I know the boys were not being treated the same. I had two very intelligent teachers that never wasted the boys’ time with emotions and feel good sessions. This goes to show that in the education system girls are treated differently than boys. The girls talk about hair and clothes while the boys focus on school work and activities. So why can boys and girls not both be encouraged to be well rounded? And is it the education systems responsibility to make all children well rounded?

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