May 8, 2009 sfoshee

Cosmo is a magazine directed to the mature women demographic. The magazine shows sexy outfits and make-up tips for girls. Often times the cover says “secrets that will drive him wild” or “Ten of the most powerful trick in the bedroom!” Cosmopolitan is a women’s magazine that is popular around the United States. The magazine encourages better sex, better relationships, better looks, better fashion, and a better body.

                Cosmo is one of the magazines that a feminist would certainly question the motives of being that it is supposed to empower women. Not all women want to be seductive and use their body to please a man. The media is teaching women how to please men without helping women discover who they are and what they want from life. A beautiful appearance and strong sexuality is what a man wants a woman to be, but not all women want that for themselves. Perhaps this magazine is not fit to be seen by all ages, just like playboy isn’t shown out in the open for all to see. Furthermore, the magazine always has some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood on the front cover. Even worse, the pictures of the beautiful women are air-brushed so the women look even more beautiful, but unrealistic.

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