Family Circus

May 8, 2009 sfoshee

Family circus is the typical nuclear family, with a mom, a dad, Jeffy, Dolly and PJ. The three kids are known for getting into mischief while teaching the audience simple life lessons. The point of the characters is to stimulate the simple side of the audience in which they are able to understand how easy life should be from a untainted perspective. In the cartoon the mother is almost always portrayed at home and if not at home she is a t the grocery store with the children. The father can be seen at home, at work, or working in the yard. This cartoon shows Jeffy explaining to his mom that Dad won’t play video games with him anymore because he always wins.

                Jeffy is coming to his mother as a last resort because he wants to play his Wii with someone, but his first male pick is not willing so his second pick is his mother. The mother is always shown doing laundry or some stereotypical role of the house wife while the father is the provider for the family. Furthermore this cartoon contends that the male ego is fragile and the father is unwilling to play a game with his son his he is going to continuously lose to a child. The man is fighting to show is superiority in the household yet is being beaten by a child at a simple video game.

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