Grey’s Anatomy: Cross sex Friendships

May 8, 2009 sfoshee

Most of the men and women have bonded over the fact that they all are trying to make it as interns and become doctors. The road is long and hard for them all so they form a special bond with one another that transcends the gender barrier. However, George and Izzie build a friendship beyond what the others have built with each other. They become best friends and George likes her, but knows he has no chance with her. George ends up marrying another doctor while continuing is friendship with Izzie. While George is married, Izzie comes to the realization that she loves George. George’s wife becomes suspicious of the friendship, and rightfully so. Izzie and George end up having an affair and George ends up getting a divorce.

                Cross sex friendships are meant to provide the woman an increase of fun activities while providing the man someone to talk to. George never had a problem talking to Izzie or any other girl about his problems. Izzie typically doesn’t spend more time with George and so she does not technically get more of a release through fun. Cross sex friendships tend to be characterized by the man talking more than the woman which is true of George. He is always talking to the girls about his problems. Izzie typically holds the dominant role in the friendship, probably because George has so many feminine qualities. Often times with cross sex friendships, it is assumed that something romantic is occurring which held true for George and Izzie.

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