Grey’s Anatomy: Male Friendships

May 8, 2009 sfoshee

The men of Grey’s Anatomy are trying to compete in the competitive world of medicine. They most form friendships in order to survive the stress and therefore the men find comfort and retreat with each other. The main male character of Grey’s Anatomy is Derrick Shepherd. He is the handsome well spoken doctor that loves being in love. The other is a plastic surgeon named Mark Sloan, he is the ladies’ man kind of guy that hits on every girl in the hospital. The two Intern males are Alex and George, Alex is like Sloan, but much more detached from emotion. George is the kind of guy that is friends with women, but always just a friend.

                The men in Grey’s Anatomy act contrary to the typical understanding of male to male friendships. They often talk to one another about what they are feeling and the struggles they are encountering. However, the men still mostly act very masculine, but are willing to talk to one another about anything that is on their mind. Most of the guys don’t really hang out outside of the hospital with each other so the friendships are not based on activities. The men talk a lot and are not afraid of face to face conversations. The men experience breadth and depth to the friendship when it is more common for men to only display breadth. The guys act contrary to what is expected of men while still being masculine.

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