Grey’s Anatomy: Relationships

May 8, 2009 sfoshee

In Grey’s Anatomy everyone seems to be in a relationship. The relationship between Derrick and Meredith is on again off again because Meredith has commitment problems. In contrast the relationship between Izzie and Alex is also on again off again because Alex has problems with opening up about his feelings. The relationships with Christina range from a cardiac surgeon to an ex military on the battle field surgeon. She was the detached one in the relationship with the cardiac surgeon because he wanted to marry her and she was more driven in her career and did not want to think about a relationship. The relationship with the military man followed slightly differently because she was already becoming an established surgeon and he did not mention marriage or force her to do things against her will.

                In most of these relationships the man is typically the pursuer while the woman plays games. The men are the dominant ones in the relationship such that the men want the women to act beyond what is typical for them and when the men are asked to do so they typically refuse. The women are always looking for a specific connection with the guys while the men enjoy the women but also are not unhappy when apart. The men always date down in success, while the women tend to date up such that the female interns are dating the doctors while the male interns are trying to pursue the other interns, and the male doctors pursue the female interns.

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