Mad Men

May 8, 2009 sfoshee

Mad Men is a television show produced by AMC and is about Madison Avenue advertising men in the 1950’s. The show’s main character is Don Draper, an advertising executive. Don Draper tries to not seem insensitive to women in the work place yet when encountered by women bold, strong women Don acts like the stereotypical male of the 1950’s workplace. With a setting in the 1950’s the characters are faced with strong gendered stereotypes and the show focuses on following common stereotypes within media representations of this time.

            In the workplace chapter the stereotypes for women in the workplace are introduced. Many women are often treated as a mother who is preoccupied with a family to take her career seriously, or women may be treated as a child such that she will never be seen as capable enough for any progression within the company. The common gender stereotype shown in the television show is the woman as a sex-object. In the show women are expected to act like a sex-object such that when the new girl, Peggy, starts a vivacious red head leads her around telling her to wear scarves because guys like when girls wear scarves. Other advice was to flirt and for her to make herself sexually available for the men of the company and to wear skirts that show off her legs more. The men in the show expect the women to act as sex-objects such that they feel that they are entitled to that woman if she works with them. A problem with the sex-object stereotype is that women are not taken seriously as co-workers, but are seen as only working in order to meet a man so that they won’t have to work.

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