Made of Honor

May 8, 2009 sfoshee

Made of Honor is a movie about the stereotypical male that is detached from emotion, has an strong desire for sexual intimacy, is constantly in control of the relationships he has with women, and thoroughly enjoys being independent of women and other people. He has a best friend Hanna that is a hopeless romantic and he calls her a “love slut” because she says I love you to anyone and everyone. When Hanna goes to Sweden for a couple weeks Tom finds himself missing her like crazy and discovers he needs her in his life. She wouldn’t be interested in him because he is quite narcissistic. Tom tries to change his ways and still Hanna from her new fiancé, a Sweden Duke.

                This movie runs through every stereotype of men and women in relationships. The woman wants love and connection, and a man that is open to being emotionally available while the man wants a woman for simply sex. Both Tom and Hanna must fight their inner desires for each other. Tom tries to change from the stereotypical macho man to a man that Hanna would find favorable. Women value the connection aspect of a relationship and Tom did not have any attachment to anything except Hanna.

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