Miss Independent

May 8, 2009 sfoshee

A song written and performed by Ne-Yo is entitled Miss Independent in which the song emphasizes a set standard for the kind of woman that he is interested in. He identifies her as able to pay for herself and of a high power position. He further mentions that his kind of women is able to buy herself nice outfits and take care appearance while still paying all of her bills. His kind of woman wants him, but is not reliant on him to be the provider.

                It is said that men stereotypically want a woman that has less power, is less intelligent, less capable, less successful, and overall no threat to the male’s status. Ne-Yo is describing a woman of a different sort. He is comfortable with a woman being more powerful and able to teach him things. The only stereotypical thing he enjoys is a feminine woman which men commonly look for when looking for a mate. The Third wave of feminism is in progress such that women are able to be themselves and create an identity outside of expectations. It is becoming more acceptable for a woman to want to have a strong career or the woman is equally accepted as a home-maker. Women are now allowed options and opportunities, although men are still expected to work full time and still try to be the provider.

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