Sports Illustrated

May 8, 2009 sfoshee

Sports Illustrated is a magazine for the male populations in which the topics of the magazine mostly revolve around sports. Every year the magazine comes out with a swim suit edition in which many guys wait all year for the new one to come out. The swim suit edition highlights some of the most beautiful women in sports entertainment. They ladies dress in a swim suit and pose for the camera in seductive and alluring positions. The new 2009 edition of sports illustrated includes Danica Patrick, an indy car driver, and other women like Detroit Pistons dancer Chelsey Buhler.

                In the sports industry men are known for having outstanding physical abilities while the women are known for their outstanding physical appearance. Media representations of sports highlights a distinct different between men in sports and women in sports. The Final Four of the men’s basketball league is only referred to as the Final Four while the Final Four of the women’s basketball league is referred to as the Women’s Final Four. The men are the standard and the women are the exception. Women are commonly valued for their physical attractiveness not their athletic capability or their intellect. Sports Illustrated takes women down a notch every year just to sell copies of a magazine, which is very profitable.

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