May 8, 2009 sfoshee

The world of wrestling entertainment is based on having men and women come into the main arena ring and battle one another until the referee calls the match. In the early years of WWF, the world wrestling federation, the matches were simple, yet exciting enough for the audience to be stirred up. The extreme matches were cage matches, ladder matches, and Royal Rumble in which more than two men battled inside the ring until one was left. Nowadays the fights include more women and the show follows a story line with controversy, rivalries, love affairs, and sexuality. The women’s matches are more of an erotic play than actual competitions of strength and some of their matches are fought until one woman is stripped down to only her under garments.

                The world of wrestling is about a hyper masculine community in which the men are able to throw punches when there is a conflict, show their superiority through their strength, hit women when they don’t fall the rules, and take advantage of any woman that is a part of their world. This show gives a highly unrealistic view of the world and an immoral view at that. This show encourages hitting women and showing one’s brute strength. The battle of superiority is a primitive one such that the men beat their chests and drag the women around by their hair. This is not the image that should be shown to young boys and encourages this behavior.


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