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Grey’s Anatomy: Male Friendships

The men of Grey’s Anatomy are trying to compete in the competitive world of medicine. They most form friendships in order to survive the stress and therefore the men find comfort and retreat with each other. The main male character of Grey’s Anatomy is Derrick Shepherd. He is the handsome well spoken doctor that loves being in love. The other is a plastic surgeon named Mark Sloan, he is the ladies’ man kind of guy that hits on every girl in the hospital. The two Intern males are Alex and George, Alex is like Sloan, but much more detached from emotion. George is the kind of guy that is friends with women, but always just a friend.

                The men in Grey’s Anatomy act contrary to the typical understanding of male to male friendships. They often talk to one another about what they are feeling and the struggles they are encountering. However, the men still mostly act very masculine, but are willing to talk to one another about anything that is on their mind. Most of the guys don’t really hang out outside of the hospital with each other so the friendships are not based on activities. The men talk a lot and are not afraid of face to face conversations. The men experience breadth and depth to the friendship when it is more common for men to only display breadth. The guys act contrary to what is expected of men while still being masculine.

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Cosmo is a magazine directed to the mature women demographic. The magazine shows sexy outfits and make-up tips for girls. Often times the cover says “secrets that will drive him wild” or “Ten of the most powerful trick in the bedroom!” Cosmopolitan is a women’s magazine that is popular around the United States. The magazine encourages better sex, better relationships, better looks, better fashion, and a better body.

                Cosmo is one of the magazines that a feminist would certainly question the motives of being that it is supposed to empower women. Not all women want to be seductive and use their body to please a man. The media is teaching women how to please men without helping women discover who they are and what they want from life. A beautiful appearance and strong sexuality is what a man wants a woman to be, but not all women want that for themselves. Perhaps this magazine is not fit to be seen by all ages, just like playboy isn’t shown out in the open for all to see. Furthermore, the magazine always has some of the most beautiful women in Hollywood on the front cover. Even worse, the pictures of the beautiful women are air-brushed so the women look even more beautiful, but unrealistic.

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Kid Essentials commercial

The commercial for kid essentials shows a girl and a boy standing with a red background. The boy drinks a normal name brand fruit drink and just stands there. There girl drinks a Kid Essentials fruit drink and from nowhere a pogo stick appears and the girl goes bouncing off. The boy is left standing there being inactive while the girl plays. This shows that the fruit drink gave the girl energy and imagination while the boy had a boring fruit drink.

                This commercial shows a contrast to the typical situation being portrayed. Typically the girl is shown being inactive while the boy gets to be active and have fun playing outside. This commercial goes beyond the stereotype of girls supposed to be playing indoors while boys play outside. It is important for all children to be encouraged to play outside and therefore this commercial is an appropriate representation since plenty of other commercial show boys playing.

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Grey’s Anatomy: Part 1

Grey’s Anatomy is a show based on a bunch of young interns trying to make past the intern phase of the medical career and become doctors. Each character has a specific identity that is shown throughout the show. Grey’s Anatomy seems to embrace the fact that women are allowed to be individuals. The main character Meredith Grey is originally a hyper sexualized woman that has many one night stands. The mistake she makes the day before her first day as an intern, is sleeping with her boss that she met in a bar just the night before. Meredith has many slight psychological problems such as an overuse of defense mechanisms and a fear of commitment. The next character is Meredith’s new best friend, Christina. Christina is the power hungry, dominant female. She bosses around even her bosses sometimes, and is often seen as more than androgynous and borderline masculine. She fights to get to be the best like a man would. The last main female character is Izzie Stevens. Izzie is the retired beauty pageant girl turned doctor. She is feminine and emotional, sometimes overly emotionally involved with patients. All three of these women have distinct personalities that are very different from each other yet they all are friends.

                The friendship between the ladies of Grey’s anatomy is based on great communication and connectedness like women are known for within female to female friendships. The women are constantly talking about what is going on and how they are feeling about each situation. The friendships follow the typical female to female friendships such that the relationships are based on trust and loyalty. If a woman even suspects another woman of being disloyal there is a huge confrontation among the characters. The interactions with the women are often face to face such that the women can fully experience the connection of the friendship. Lastly, the friendships are based on breadth and depth such that they have a variety of topics they can talk about while being willing to divulge personal information.

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Fruit of the Loom

The packaging for men’s underwear is slightly different than the packaging of women’s underwear in that the men are often seen without a head. Sometimes the men are even cutoff right at the neck. Women’s underwear always shows a woman’s smiling face and would never dare cutoff the models head. The fruit of the loom models for men’s underwear shows only the torso of the model and the underwear being advertised, nothing else. Further depictions of men include joke greeting cards and e-cards that show a muscular man’s body barely clothed, yet the picture does not show his face.

                So why are men allowed to be objectified like that and women aren’t. I think the problem is that women have fought long and hard to be seen as capable and equals. The third movement of feminism identifies that a woman should be respected as an individual. Men have never had a movement t be treated with respect because they did not have a problem with it until women began to be a demographic for advertising. Men in the media are often shown as desirable not because of their intellect anymore, but because of their bodies. Although the depiction of men as sex objects has declined, it still is often being used to sell toward women. If men aren’t allowed to objectify women, then women shouldn’t be allowed to objectify men.

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Ugly Betty

The television show Ugly Betty is based on a young woman trying to make it in the fashion industry. The fashion industry is run by men and beautiful women and Betty is neither. Betty is a girl from a Mexican family and has grown up to be a smart and independent thinker. The show follows Betty as she tries to contend in the world of the beautiful and thin people. Betty has braces, an eccentric style, and frizzy hair. The world of fashion laughed when she entered the doors, but Betty is set on proving to everyone that she can be in the world of fashion without being stereotypically beautiful.

                Betty makes a fight for how woman should be able to be individuals and are allowed to have a brilliant mind. Furthermore she wants to go beyond the stereotype of women cannot be successful and that men only see them as a mother, child, or sex-object. Betty has never run into the problem of being seen as a sex-object in the workplace, nor has she dealt with any sexual harassment. This show represents Betty as an ugly woman that is trying to step beyond her boundaries because her appearance is not good enough.

                My only problem with this show is that it identifies Betty as ugly right in the title. A woman should not be categorized as ugly simply because she does not look like a celebrity or fashion model. The show seems to encourage women to not be discouraged if they are not beautiful, but they must fight to show the world that even though they are “ugly” they still are capable. Appearance doesn’t make a person anything other than attractive or not. Psychological studies and performance tasks have shown no correlation that people that are not perceived as attractive as also not intelligent or not skilled. Furthermore, the show basically says a woman can either be smart or pretty or be the head of a company while being a back-stabbing bitch. The representation of women is saddening within the television show.

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Tampon Cartoon

The picture shows two female hygiene products that have been personified with faces. The two tampons appear to be experiencing a conflict such that one looks angry at the other, and the other appears intimidated by the first. The caption beside the depiction says, “If men had periods… they would brag about the size of their tampons.”

                Men are known for their competition with each other and are supposed to be on the endless quest to prove superiority over everyone. Women on the other hand are supposed to act humble and reserved. Some why wouldn’t a woman brag about her tampon size? Because women do not find a competition to be necessary over everything such that women do not have to prove superiority since they are not superior to men anyway is the assumption. Furthermore, a woman is supposed to be discrete about personal information and only tell her closest of friends.

                Men are also characterized by their activities and accomplishments where as women are characterized by their appearance and relationships with others. The man has to take every advantage he can get to gain another accomplishment that sets him as a superior. The comparison of tampon size would be an extremely primitive activity in that men more often can prove superiority these days through academic accomplishments, career accomplishments, or even sports accomplishments. When a woman makes a stride within either of these categories she is congratulated, but rarely seen as a threat. If both men and women had periods, men would only flaunt their tampon size to other men, unless a woman tried to say her tampon was bigger and then the man would feel a need to show her he is still superior to her because she is a woman.

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Six Marbles

This cartoon is moderately vulgar. The cartoon shows a boy and girl in what seems to be a competition of power. The boy says he has six marbles and the girl says she has seven. The boy says he has eight pennies and the girl says she has a dime. The competition continues as the boy pulls down is pants and flaunts is boyhood and saying to the girl that she doesn’t have that. The girl looks slightly concerned and says no, but I have one of these, as she lifts up her skirt showing her girlhood to the boy. The girl continues to say, “With one of these I can have as many of those as I want.”

                The argument is between young children which is why I find this cartoon to be quite obscene, however it makes an argument toward gender perceptions. The competition between men and women is characterized by these two young children such that the fight between who has more power and advantages comes down to basic biology. Men and women have been fighting over who has the power and who should have the power for hundreds of years, but due to the feminist movement in the United States men have felt more of a need to compete against women to prove their superiority. Although the girl (representation of women) wins the argument in the end, the battle is won by the woman’s ability to control a man through seduction. Women are not given the proper opportunity to simply be superior because of their abilities, but because of their biology and the desire of men to want a woman for sex, while a woman is not supposed to want a man for sex. The man is supposed to be the pursuer while the woman is to be pursued.

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Sprite Commercial

This is a commercial for Sprite. The commercial begins by showing a bunch of guys hanging out at the basketball court. None of them are particularly socializing with one another because it is so hot outside. The guys begins to drink Sprite and by some unknown powers the basketball court has become like a swimming pool and the guys, one after another begin jumping in the basketball court pool. The refreshing and fun activity causes a bond to occur and the men begin throwing each other in and throwing high fives around. They came out to the basketball court to hang out with one another, but it was too hot. Thanks to Sprite the guys were able to have their bonding time and really display masculine friendships with each other.

                The commercial encompasses every aspect of the stereotypical male friendship. It is understood that men build their friendships over shared experiences and all of the men are experiencing the extreme heat and are able to bond over the experience of finding refreshment. Another aspect of this commercial is that the men never say anything to one another throughout the entire commercial. Male to male friendships are often not centered around conversation, but on what is being done when together. The next stereotype is exactly that, male friendships are often characterized by the variety of activities like swimming and basketball, not the depth of the activity such that there is no really involvement in the other’s life.

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Sprite Zero Commercial

This commercial shows a beautiful young woman on the beach with a man. She goes into the water and the man follows her. She walks around in the water getting until the water is above her torso with the man following right behind her. She is giving all of the typical nonverbal cues of interest to the man like eye intense eye contact. She begins to take off her bathing suit bottom and throws it at the guy. The man is intrigued and seems to believe something of a sexual nature will occur. To show interest the guy mimics the girl’s behavior by removing his bathing suit bottom and tossing it at the girl. The woman begins walking back to shore with the guy’s bathing suit bottoms on and drinks the Sprite Zero that was left on shore while the man is still standing in the water without clothes.

                The commercial gives the false assumption that the women has the power, however, like in most media representations of women, the woman gets power over the man by using her sexuality to lure him into a trap. Furthermore, this commercial is for a diet drink made with artificial sweeteners that are shown to be carcinogens. That woman tricked the man so that she could have the Sprite Zero instead of him. The commercial give the false impression of a strong minded woman giving after what she wants no matter the cost, but society does not consider a woman drinking a diet drink to be an indulgence of desires. Women are expected to drink diet drinks so that they may maintain their feminine figure and flaunt it to get more things they want from men.

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